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If you are not sure what action to take you may find it helpful to look at our frequently asked questions (faqs) before you start your search.


Your details

This must be YOUR full name and PRESENT address only. Please do not enter your maiden name or the name of person whose account you are trying to find.

Please only enter the address you reside at now.

Please enter an email address to ensure that you get an immediate acknowledgement of this claim.


Account holder details

If you list your maiden name or any other names, these will all be checked.



If you select "Don't Know" you will be able to search for the bank or building society on the next page.


Bank section

Make sure that you select the correct bank - for example, if you are looking for a Woolwich account, it is helpful if you could tick Woolwich and not
Barclays. The banks that you have selected will be shown on the screen. Please check them before you proceed to the next step.


Additional details

Add any additional information here which may assist with the search.


ID documentation

You will only be asked for this if an account that matches your search details is found. It will be used to identify you and to validate your claim.


More information to help us search

If you do not hold a written authority from the account holder you cannot search on their behalf as this is confidential information.

If the person is deceased we would expect you to know the Date of Death and that you have available the Death Certificate or similar.


About the account holder

Please quote as many addresses as possible to help the search.


About the branch where the account was held

The branch may now be closed but still ensure that you complete this section fully, giving as much information you have available to assist with the search.


If you need further help, please email us with as much detail as possible at