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About this service

Information will be passed securely to the institutions that may be holding the lost account. The institutions contacted will then carry out a search of their accounts and the applicant will be informed whether any account they hold matches the details submitted online.

NB: The institutions will need to be satisfied about the identity of the applicant and their legal entitlement to the account money.

Where the original bank or building society no longer exists – for example, because it has been taken over by another – the successor institution will carry out the search. has embedded in it a database of all UK building societies and relevant banks, including those that are no longer trading in their original name.

Recognising that not everyone has access to the internet, the three sponsors will continue to provide their paper-based search facilities. PDFs of these are available from this website and from the UK Finance, BSA and NS&I or can be picked up from your local bank or building society. has been developed following discussions with a wide range of stakeholders, including major charities and consumer groups.


Searches with banks and building societies can take up to three months as they can involve institutions having to search very old records on the basis of outdated or partial information. NS&I aim to respond to trace requests within one month.  While the banks, building societies and NS&I will do all they can to find your lost accounts and savings, searches are only as successful as the information provided.

Searches completed using this service are initiated by the UK Finance and BSA on behalf of their members. Neither UK Finance nor BSA hold records themselves and they have no access to your personal financial information. The service has been designed, however, to ensure that your claim is directed to the right banks and building societies in an efficient and reliable manner.