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To help us find your lost account we need as much information as possible. So, please take time to fill out the form as fully as you can. What is a lost account?

It will help to have all required information about the account you are looking for to hand before you start, so please see below for details.

Once you have finished, the information you give us will be sent to all the institutions that you indicate might be holding your account.

If you are aware of a bank or building society holding an account then you should first approach that bank or building society direct to see whether the account is still open.

This service is not designed to be the primary means through which executors or the nearest of kin seek to settle the banking affairs of someone who has died. Advice on searching in respect of wills and legacies is available in our FAQs.

What you need before you start

Remember that an account opened many years ago may not have been in your current married name.

Remember that the account may have been opened while you were at a previous address.

If known, give the sort code and account number.

Accounts opened by parents and grandparents on your behalf may be jointly in their names; where relevant, they may also be in your maiden name.

If you are not the account holder and they are still alive you will need their express authority, or the appropriate legal authority, to undertake the search. No information about found accounts will be given until you have proved to the financial institution that you have the appropriate authority and been through their identity checks.

The institution will ask you to verify your ID in the event of an account being found. If you live overseas and don’t visit the UK, or cannot otherwise visit a branch, special arrangements may need to be made in support of your proving your ID.

If you are searching for lost accounts as an executor or next of kin you will need to provide a date of death.

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If you’re still not sure what action to take, you may find it helpful to look at our frequently asked questions (FAQs) before you start your search.

Do not pay a fee of any kind to undertake the search for your old bank, building society or NS&I account.
This service is FREE if you apply direct to the institution concerned or through this website (